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Update October 2, 2022 (2 days ago)

Mindly MOD APK is an application that creates creative mind maps by simulating the correlation of planets in the solar system. As a result, your thoughts are restructured more systematically.

Introduce about Mindly

Smart mind map creation application with the idea of ​​​​the solar system and the planets

Why should we create a mind map?

Mind Map will help you to both be creative and organize everything in your mind. Mindmap, as the name suggests, is a map that records your thoughts in many different ways. Each person will choose for themselves a form of a mind map that is suitable and helps them think the most sublimated.

If you are looking for a mind map application for yourself to be more creative and more professional, you should try Mindly.

What is Mindy?

Mindly is an application that creates a mind map based on a model of the solar system with planets around it. Its center is the keyword you need to think about, and the satellites are related ideas that come up along the way. Not only bringing a beautiful and easy-to-see interface, but Mindly also does well at its core task of systematizing everything and evoking more thoughts for users around the problem to be exploited.

Selection of ideas

What is a general rule of all brainstorming and creative processes? For me it is seamlessness. Mindly is an understanding application when it is divided into two phases. In the early stages, when creativity needs to be expanded, Mindly always encourages users by providing a series of tools so that users can create any sub-idea they can think of. You are free to think and write all your thoughts.

Then Mindly will gradually lead you through the second stage when the creative process is complete. At this point, Mindly will help you rearrange ideas, remove redundant information, and organize everything, helping you focus on the really important things. The finished product of the process of thinking and creating will gradually appear before our eyes.

A good mind map will help you do many things creatively: plan your work, create an event theme, plan a project, jot down important information and your ideas. Any of your big or small thoughts can be noted through mind maps. With its unique work system, the app will make the most confusing things simple, understandable, and optimal.

Easy to share, store, and search

Once you have completed the process of thinking and thoroughly understanding the problem with the support of Mindly, you can share your mindmap with colleagues, friends, and relatives quickly through the Share tool.

When needed, you can also export the file as PDF/ OPML/ Text, to save it on your device, send it, or print it for more convenience.

After the mindmaps are created, they can be archived and made into a themed collection. It is very handy if you want to find them again by any filter later. You can find them by time, location, or subject. Everything is much more convenient now.

A vivid mindmap

You are free to attach notes, images, stickers, icons, or a file of any format to add more notes to your ideas. In the model of the solar system and planets, satellites, you can freely choose the color, font, and size to suit your intentions best.

In addition, Mindly has a few small extra features that are also quite convenient for users, such as setting a password, synchronizing between devices, and linking to Dropbox for storage.

MOD APK version of Mindly

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Mindly APK & MOD for Android

Creation and systematization of ideas are two things that always go together. With a concise, highly customizable tool like Mindly, that process will be even quicker and easier, much more creative. Please download Mindly to use here.

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